Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Caprili - Brunello di Montalcino 2008

Brunello di Montalcino
30€(35$) Wine-searcher average price

Brunello from a traditional producer is always interesting. This one happens to be also in Alkos selection(Finnish liquor monopol), so decided to give it a try. Probably a bit overpriced, as very often is the case in Alko, not always though.
I haven`t actually tasted a Brunello for a long time, and I thought Christmas time would be a good excuse to open one up. It `s without a doubt one of my favorite wine styles in the world (but not so fond of the over-oaked, overripe and over concentrated style). Drinking this of course way too young, but was just too curious to taste this..

Bouqet has loads of ripe dark fruits; plums, figs. Also tar, liquorice, some smokiness. In the background ther`s hints of wet, rotten wood with mushroomy earthy notes. Surprisingly open right after opening, but with decanting the nose becomes much more fruit driven.
On the palate it`s medium bodied, driven by nicely intense dark fruits with earth, dark chocolate, smokiness, and surprisingly strong minerality in the background. The tannins are fierce in the finish, but not unpleasant, also quite a bit of nervous acidity.
Leaves an impressively long aftertaste with dark chocolate, spices, smoke, and in the center, nice bright cherry marmelade, which, after minutes I could still taste. The 15% alcohol is very well hidden. Delicious, powerfull,  traditional, and structured Brunello. Will age beautifully.

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