Monday, January 19, 2015

Bründlmayer - Riesling Steinmassel 2013

Bründlmayer - Riesling Steinmassel
DAC Kamptal

I have been lately very impressed by Austrian white wines. The overall quality seems very high, they have stayed reasonably priced, and also when they do become a bit more pricey, they really seem to deliver, or maybe I`ve been just lucky. I`ve been a Riesling enthusiast for years, I live partly in Berlin, where wine bars and shops offer pretty good selection of them. Well, Berlin is pretty amazing wine town, to be honest. Bründlmayer is a producer that I`ve come across many many times, and been never really disapointed. This Riesling I`ve tasted in some party years ago, and it left a good impression, so decided to try it out again. Ok, for an Austrian dry Riesling it`s not maybe the cheapest one, but in it`s price category I would say this is a good value. I`ve tasted many German and Alsatian Rieslings lately(few Grand Crus also), in the same price category, that didn`t come even close to this one. Kudos!

Bouqet has some hay, green peas, overall greenness, cucumber salad, also (surprisingly) tomato peel. Flinty minerality, honey, and biscuits, very nice indeed!
Palate is energetic and zingy, with lemon, green apple, lime peel. Focused and fresh. Sharp acids. Really nice finish, with honey, white pepper, and a haunting, minerally aftertaste.
Pure, focused and delicious Riesling.
Great wine from Bründlmayer!

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