Monday, November 10, 2014

De Forville
A young Nebbiolo from a Barbaresco producer, that kind of flies under the radar.
Honest, traditional, down-to-earth wines, and a symphatetic Winery, which I`ve
had the pleasure of visiting few times. It`s located right in the center of Barbaresco town, in the main street, right next to Gaja.
Intense color, somewhat dark and deep for a Nebbiolo.
Nose is pretty close, some blueberries, blackcurrant.
Jumpy accidity and firm tannins. Nevertheless, nice, full and even velvety mouthfeel.
Concentrated dark berries for days. Quite long, a bit spicy aftertaste, but still almost sweet even. Just straightforward deliciousness. Nice youthfull Nebbiolo.
A promising Prelude for the upcoming 2013 Barbarescos..


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