Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gaja - Barbaresco 2010

154€ (181$) Wine-searcher average price

No big explanations needed for this producer. A Legend. Everybody with interest in wine in Piemonte seems to have their own stories and opinions about him; some nice, some maby not so nice; but nobody is questioning he`s wine making skills and importance to the region. Barbaresco, of course, wouldn`t be Barbaresco without him. He`s present is almost ghostlike.

Nose is a bit shy, yet intriguingly complex: cherries, liquorice, violets, chocolate, earth. Very firm tannins and structure from the start. But at the same time very drinkable, even seducing. Good acid grip. Dark berries with only a hint of sweetness, almost like berries with soy sauce and balsamic vinegard, quite dry. Also some woodsy stuff, black chocolate, earth, mushrooms, spices. Smooth finish with a long, earthy aftertaste.
In this wine, balance is everything; there is really no element that is jumping over another. Every part is sewed beautifully together. I Have to admit; this is one extremely elegant and seducing wine. A perfect marriage of power and finesse.  Is it worth the money? Well let`s not go there, it`s for another discussion (highly needed in Wine World btw.). Is it worth the hype? I would have to say yes.

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