Sunday, November 30, 2014

Guiseppe Cortese - Barbaresco Riserva 2006

Long live Nebbiolo!
One of my earliest (good) wine drinking memories has to do with Barbaresco. At a random dinner, way back in 98 in Italy, Turin, (underage then btw.) I tasted it the first time. I don`t remember the producer anymore, but the taste I can actually still pretty much remember, and that I really liked it.
In general, at that time I didn`t much appreciate the taste of wine, (yes, probably too much experiences in teenage house party "wine tastings" with cheap and bad wines. Not good..) and actually only got serious about wine years later. But I`ve always felt, that it was indeed Barbaresco that hooked me in to wine, and that early wine memory, back in the halcyon days of yore. So, through the years, it has always had a very special place in my heart:).
Of course alongside with Barolo, and Nebbiolo in general, which is pretty obvious when glancing through this blog..

                                                         Barbaresco hills seen from Neive

                                                                Langhe in Autumn

Guiseppe Cortese
Barbaresco - Riserva
58€(68$) Wine-searcher average price

This is a wine from a traditional Barbaresco producer. The grapes come from one of the most famous "Cru`s"  in Barbaresco; the steep and calcareous, Rabaja vineyard. Barbaresco - Riserva is only made in specially good vintages, and this is the winerys signature wine.
Aromatically very complex: exotic spices, black tea leaves, forrest floor, beautiful dark berries,  floralness, maby some hints of truffel as well. Many layers.
Mouthfeel is incredibly powerfull and intense; electrifying the complete palate. Huh, ok, this wine is a big boy. Delicious sweet and sour dark berries, earthy notes, spices, menthol, tar. Strong, but polished tannins, good accidity. Long aftertaste, leaving you gravitating for more. Addictively delicious wine. Despite all the power, this is very drinkable, but will last for ages, and develop.

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